• 16 августа 2014
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Спустя каких-то пять лет после выхода оригинального Your Future’s With Us, пожалуй, самого известного ролика David Ung, сегодня на канале YoYoFactory появилась его последняя работа. В приложении — бекстори релиза, а в самом низу — оригинал того самого видео, трибьютом которому является Daydream.

David Ung Says:

«Here is a new yo-yo video shot in Los Angeles, CA with the occasional clip from San Diego, CA. I made «Daydream» to complement a video I made about five years ago called «Your Future’s With Us.» I tried to recreate a similar vibe but at the same time incorporate new ideas and a feeling of nostalgia. I lived in Southern California all my life and am moving to Seattle soon, so I wanted to make «Daydream» to celebrate what has been and to look forward to new opportunities. It’s still just a yo-yo video at the end of the day but I worked really hard on it and think it might be one of the best videos I’ve ever made. So please watch, share, and enjoy! As always, thanks to YoYoFactory for all of their support over the years. The yo-yos used in the video are the YoYoFactory Shutter and Severe.

The song used in the video is «40 Day Dream» by Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros.

Special thanks to: Kevin, Henry, Priscilla, Davis, James, Kimberly, Sarah, Nat, and Candace.

Shot on a Canon Rebel T3i. Colored using VSCO Film with Lightroom.»


Your Future’s With Us