Andrew Maider - The Blizzard

Опубликовано 4 марта 2016 в 0:51

Состоялся релиз первого би-металла канадской CLYW - signature-модели Andrew Maider: The Blizzard.

Andrew Maider - The Blizzard

Вчера состоялся долгожданный релиз новинки от CLYW - би-металлической signature-модели одного из лучших игроков современности, Andrew Maider. В приложении - обязательное к просмотру видео от Alec Campbell и несколько слов создателей The Blizzard.

The Blizzard is our first bi-metal return top, and the first signature model for CLYW team member Andrew Maider. Andrew needed a yoyo that takes full advantage of the weight distribution benefits of stainless steel rims on an aluminum yoyo; something light, fast, and powerful that can meet the demands of this rising star. The Blizzard hits the mark on all accounts!

CLYW - The Blizzard yo-yo

Designed by Andrew Maider and CLYW owner Chris Mikulin, the Blizzard has that organic, comfortable look and feel that we are known for, with a refined and modern design aesthetic and top quality fit and finish. The Blizzard is a truly modern competition yoyo for players who need that extra edge on stage…or anyone who just wants a little more power from their everyday throw.