Oxygene is back

Опубликовано 31 июля 2009 в 10:37

мои ожидания подтвердились — сразу после H2O нас ждет абсолютно новое Oxy, на этот раз в титановом исполнении. встречайте...

Oxygene is back


мои ожидания подтвердились — сразу после H2O нас ждет абсолютно новое Oxy, на этот раз в титановом исполнении. встречайте Oxygène Ti, фотографии которого я видел недели 2 назад в чьем-то фейсбуке, а сегодня официально в сети — с гравировками и заявлением Carlo. привожу его полностью, особо выделяя техпаспорт игрушки.

Hi my friends,
I know: this is not the best moment to introduce a new yo-yo: most Players are sparing their money for August’s Events and they are right!
Though this post’s aim is not to sell, but just to let you know what I’ve been working on during these years of silence.
Many of you know I’m studying composition and conducting at a music school, and in the meanwhile I’m going on working on racing engines’ parts. Of course music took some of the time I dedicated to yo-yos before, but this is not the main cause that explains why I haven’t released any new yo-yo since 2005. I haven’t stopped playing and thinking of new yoyo projects.
The main cause is I wanted to make something new, but everytime I got a new prototype it didn’t play as I wanted. I am sorry, nothing satisfied me! And making more Oxy 4s wouldn’t satisfy me either, because I really felt a need for novelty.
Since 2004 I have been making many prototypes, exploring different axle systems and shapes. Among my tests there were some on full Titanium prototipes.
I made the first Ti proto in 2006, but it wobbled a bit: I took it at The European yoyo meeting in Prague (2007), but I used it mostly to make sparks on walk the dogs. Despite many players there asked me to make some for the market, I preferred not. Some months later, the same year, I thought I had understand what was wrong with it and made another, which was very very good looking, but… oh, I’m ashamed admitting it… it wobbled so much! I had never seen something like that before! Crazy! The lack of success killed me; I would have loved to celebrate Oxygène’s tenth anniversary with such a beauty, instead I was discovering I didn’t know how to make yo-yos! The pain was such that I kept away from titanium for one year and just tried something with aluminum again with mediocre results.
I checked very well if the construction process was fine engough and yes, it was! My last protos’ precision wasn’t lower than Oxy 4’s at all. The problem must had been in the design…I was going on missing something, or combining wrong ingredients…

In 2008 I met Chris at the EYYM in Vien and we decided to work on the H2O together.
The enthusiasm for that project pushed me to concentrate on titanium again: someone still thought I could make good yo-yos… so I could! A new titanium proto was made before last EYYM and it was much better than the former. Though it still wobbled a little bit. But I felt I was on the right way… so go with a new one and… Yes! A final proto working as I like was alive right after the European Meeting, in May!

Titanium is a noble material. This one I’m using is heat treated the way we treat the most special parts for racing engines: it is made as hard as it can be, while still keeping elasticity, caring of passing not the point after which it becomes like glass. It can be scratched, of course, but scratches are much less deep than on aluminum and can be removed easily with some sand paper, without unbalancing the yoyo.

I will be honest: the material doesn’t improve playing, but it does make a different yo-yo. And I like it.

Having not spared anything on the rough material, I decided to spare not in other details. I got ceramic KK bearings from Frank Difeo, thought of a nice laser marking and looked for a beautiful packaging.

Finally, the details:

Weight: 68 gr.
Diameter: 49,5 mm
Width: 37,7 mm
Gap: adjustable
Response System: recessed silicone response system
Bearing: ceramic konkave bearing

www.oxygeneyoyo.com is updated. I really hope you like the Ti! Even if I wont’ be there, you should be able to see a sample alive at Worlds and at the NYOpen.
I thank all those who didn’t forget me and supported me during these years. Hugs! And good luck to contestants!